Valentine Day ♥ : Give a LOCMAN with free engraving. Valid until February 19th.

♥ : Give a LOCMAN with free engraving.

Technologies and Private Label

Thanks to its experience and the style and design expertise of GENESI, the established in-house production facility, LOCMAN is now the ideal partner for all businesses interested in producing watch collections or limited editions.

Expert technicians, state-of-the-art technological equipment and consolidated experience guarantee a manufacturing quality to rival that of any competitor in the international arena. The private label production process goes through four stages, all of which are entirely developed within GENESI: the initial design, graphic development, prototyping and production.

After a series of meetings during which the client’s needs are identified, a plan is drawn up, incorporating design drafts, cost estimates and time frames for completion of the project. As a general rule, a minimum of 1’000 watches is required for original collections, whereas for the customisation of existing models the minimum number of timepieces can be as low as a few dozen.

Once the agreement has been signed with the client company, the design studio, in collaboration with GENESI’s technical department, draws up the 3D graphics of the model, specifying all the aesthetic and technical features in detail. The prototyping stage is perhaps the most significant step and the one that truly constitutes the creation of the watch. This is the moment when the character of the timepiece can be fully captured and the final adjustments can be made before mass production begins.

Thanks to the expertise of its technical team and the staff dedicated to optimisation, GENESI is also able to offer its customers an after-sales service.



LOCMAN stands out in the watchmaking industry for the quality of its design, its numerous patents and the use of innovative materials right from the very first collections, such as briar root in the 1980s and anodised aluminium in the Sport range in 2000. In 2002 the company founded Materie Future, a firm specialising in the development and application of titanium and composite materials, and in 2003 it presented the world’s first watch with a carbon fibre case at Baselworld, the Basel watch fair. Since then, there has been a succession of technical innovations with a strong revolutionary drive, including in the field of high-strength metal laminating and colouring. Since the company’s foundation, R&D investment plans have represented very high percentages of the total company budget.



S.I.O: Scuola Italiana di Orologeria (Italian School of Watchmaking)

In the 21st century LOCMAN’s growth took an important leap, transforming itself from a premium manufacturer into a benchmark of watchmaking culture. It’s a culture that is also transmitted by training specialised technicians and handing down the profession of master watchmaker, which in Italy has a tradition of excellence. This was the thinking behind the creation of the Scuola Italiana di Orologeria (S.I.O.), founded by LOCMAN on Elba in 2006.

S.I.O. is a school focussed on research, particularly into new technologies and high-tech materials, in line with the key strategies that have always guided LOCMAN. When selecting materials, LOCMAN pays extremely close attention to biocompatability and the effects of the materials – in the short and long term – on the human body. In order to obtain the desired results, S.I.O. chooses entirely dedicated production technologies.

Furthermore, thanks to the contribution of S.I.O., LOCMAN has begun introducing exclusive movements such as the first mechanical chronograph made by technicians from the Tuscan firm.

Finally, in addition to professional training courses, the Scuola Italiana di Orologeria offers more in-depth masters courses to complete participants’ knowledge of the watchmaking world.

Technical Partners and Production Centres

The production partners selected by LOCMAN in Italy and around the world reflect the finest technical expertise in international watchmaking: SELLITA, ETA, MIYOTA, SEIKO, DEPA SWISS MOVEMENTS and LANDERON. The production centres are based in Italy on the island of Elba and Milan, and further afield in Switzerland, Hong Kong and Japan.

A leading Private Label manufacturer since 1969

LOCMAN’s production services for third-party clients are managed in close collaboration with GENESI.

GENESI is an established Italian watchmaking company, controlled by LOCMAN SPA since 2003 and fully incorporated in 2021.

The GENESI adventure began in Milan over fifty years ago, when brothers Luigi and Armando Leandri, two passionate master watchmakers, opened a workshop specialising in the artisan production of watches made of precious materials.

In the 1970s Swiss brands looked to Italy to produce high-quality components and watches, causing the Italian watchmaking industry to grow exponentially. Cases, crystals, dials, hands, movements, bracelets, straps and all the components used in the production chain were made in Italy. GENESI expanded, acquiring ever more sophisticated machinery and assembling a large team of master watchmakers and specialist technicians.

In the 1980s the company reached the peak of its production capacity, becoming a benchmark for international watchmaking. With over sixty employees and around half a million watches produced per year, GENESI forges strong business relationships with leading watch brands and

manufacturers of Swiss movements such as ETA and Valjoux, which ensure regular and continuous supplies.

It was around that time that GENESI began its collaboration with LOCMAN, which offered design services to major Swiss watchmakers. Very soon, GENESI became LOCMAN’s production partner of choice, enabling the company to offer high-quality watches produced in Italy at prices well below those in Switzerland. Thanks to GENESI and its technical expertise, LOCMAN took the plunge and started designing and producing watches under its own label.

At the dawn of the new millennium, the watch market underwent another major transformation. The sector began attracting large finance groups, who purchased Swiss watch brands, moving the majority of production to the Far East.

The Italian production chain, which had specialised in the tertiary sector, went into crisis, suffering a steep decline.

LOCMAN remains one of the few independent brands and in 2003 the company decided to form a permanent alliance with GENESI. Since 2010, GENESI’s headquarters have been on via Madre Cabrini in Milan where, thanks to its exceptional professional and technological heritage, it continues to produce watches for major brands in the sector, working in collaboration with the LOCMAN production site in Marina di Campo.