Italian spirit and passion at the centre

The history of LOCMAN is linked to that of its founder and President, Marco Mantovani, who was born in 1961 in Marina di Campo, Elba Island. In 1986, together with Fulvio Locci, he created LOCMAN, a design services company for large Swiss watchmaking houses and later a third-party watch production company. In 1987 GENESI, a historic Milanese watch factory active since the 1950s, became a partner of LOCMAN, which was thus able to offer high quality watches with Italian labour, at prices significantly lower than Swiss ones.

LOCMAN takes the big step: designing and producing with its own brand.

The first watch


In 1988 the first completely handcrafted LOCMAN brand watch was born, with parts in gold and heather root, a precious wood typical of the Island of Elba and the Mediterranean scrub.

Growth opportunities


In 1990 Carlo Crocco, owner of HUBLOT, a prestigious Geneva brand now part of the LVMH group, purchased a shareholding and became a distributor of LOCMAN worldwide. For the Elban company it is a great growth opportunity.

a worldwide success


In 1996 the production headquarters were expanded in Marina di Campo, a few steps from the sea. Two old friends join the corporate asset: Giuseppe Pea, from Brescia and Ben Feigenbaum, from Miami. Precisely in those years Marco Mantovani met Gloria, who soon became his wife and close collaborator. Watch sales are experiencing a strong increase, particularly in the USA.

The design, the colours, the use of innovative materials such as aluminium, sometimes combined with diamonds, are the key to global success. Demand exceeds production possibilities and LOCMAN watches become highly coveted by international stars: Jennifer Lopez, Sharon Stone, Nicole Kidman, Elton John are just some of the people who are photographed with “Made in Elba” watches on their wrists .



In 2000, an important Italian financial company, HOPA SPA, the main shareholder of TELECOM ITALIA and other large companies, entered the share capital of LOCMAN. For LOCMAN, this new entry entails a significant change of pace, both in terms of governance and international investments.

In this context, prestigious collaborations with the Armed Forces begin, leading to the launch of collections with the brands of the AIR FORCE, the FOLGORE PARATRODUCTS and the MARINA MILITARE.

Supplier to the Presidency


In 2002 LOCMAN became official supplier to the Premiership and its products were later chosen by President Berlusconi to be used as diplomatic gifts to various Heads of State and International Delegations.

Carbon fiber case


Investments in new technologies saw a further increase and at the Basel International Watch Show in 2003 LOCMAN presented the first watch in the world with a carbon fiber case.
Investments in new technologies saw a further increase and at the Basel International Watch Show in 2003 LOCMAN presented the first watch in the world with a carbon fiber case.

100% already owned companies


In 2009, LOCMAN purchased 100% of three already owned companies: GENESI (Production unit), SCUOLA ITALIANA DI OROLOGERIA (Internal training academy) and MATERIE FUTURE (Study and application of composite materials in watchmaking). SCUOLA ITALIANA and MATERIE FUTURE are structured under the S.I.O. brand, the technical division of the company.

The glasses


The result of these developments is the Stealth Titanium and Carbon collection, widely appreciated by the public. 2010 is the year of launch of the new Montecristo model, a further milestone for LOCMAN in terms of recognition and production quality. With its sporty and marine soul, the Montecristo collection establishes itself as a true icon of Italian watchmaking.

2010 is also the year of LOCMAN’s debut in the eyewear sector. Thanks to the use of quality hi-tech materials and innovative design, the LOCMAN Eyewear line finds space in the eyewear market. medical optics.



In 2011, the production of watches for third parties strengthened. For example, the collaboration with the POMELLATO group, leader in the jewelery sector, is consolidated, which entrusts LOCMAN with the production of new lines of watches. Andrea Morante, CEO of POMELLATO, after the sale to the French group KERING in 2013, joins the corporate structure of LOCMAN.



In 2014 LOCMAN participated in the establishment of the ELBA ISLAND FOUNDATION, a non-profit association for the environmental protection and social enhancement of the island, of which Marco Mantovani was appointed President.

In the following years, LOCMAN’s presence was consolidated in the Far East, and in particular in Japan, through its subsidiary LOCMAN Japan.

Vasco Rossi


At the end of 2016 Vasco Rossi, the famous Italian Rocker, becomes testimonial for LOCMAN Eyewear. The following summer on the Modena Park stage, the concert with the largest paying audience in the world, Vasco wore LOCMAN V 111 glasses.



In 2017 the partnership with DUCATI was born: the two Italian excellences signed a contract for the production of watches with the brand of the Borgo Panigale motorcycle company.



In 2019 LOCMAN entrusted the production and development of the eyewear sector to the American company FGX INTERNATIONAL, belonging to the ESSILOR group, a leader in the sector. In the same year the partnership with MAREVIVO began, to which part of the proceeds are donated for the protection and defense of the Sea.



In 2021, after 5 years of research and work, OISA 1937 was born in Pavia, a historic factory of mechanical movements made in Italy, brought back to life after over 40 years by LOCMAN and other prestigious partners. In 2022, the new OISA 5-bridge manual mechanical movement is presented, an extraordinary achievement for Italian watchmaking.

From Elba to the World

The LOCMAN distribution network is developed through a network of approximately 1200 authorized resellers throughout the world, supported by seven single-brand boutiques. The distribution policy enhances the direct relationship with the Customers, who for LOCMAN are represented not only by the vast public of LOCMAN watch aficionados and collectors, but also by the niche of the most prestigious watch and jewelery retailers at an international level; points of sale that, today more than ever, appreciate the idea of ​​working with a company that takes care of the product and service in a tailored way.

Ethical Manifesto

LOCMAN believes that Man and Nature can coexist in perfect harmony. Man is an essential part of the ecosystem and must take on the role of guardian. We believe in an increasingly modern, democratic and sustainable technological development capable of giving health, cultural and professional dignity to all the people of the world.